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TEEMA: Hello from Finland!
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I have to start off with apologizing about the language, I don´t speak Estonian. I navigated my way here with the help of Finnish and Google translate, and a bit of guessing

However, me and my girlfriend are thinking about buying a dog from Estonia and I came here to ask you guys how things really are.
On various forums on the internet there is alot of talk about puppyfarms that breed dogs just for cash and completely disregards the dogs health. Obviously this is a bad thing and we don´t want that.

We found a dog on the Finnish sale site www.keltainenporssi.fi and its a mixed breed. According to the seller they are mixed Shar Pei and Labrador/Spaniel and born 14th March. The seller also says that the puppy is checked by the veterenarian, vaccinated, chipped and has a passport.
We have been in contact with the seller and we have set a date to 7th July to go see the puppy in Helsinki. The seller seems nice and proffessional.

In the pictures it seems happy and normal in my opinion, but there is always a slight doubt..
So. How common is puppyfarming in Estonia and is there any easy way to spot if the puppy has been mistreated or inbred?

Linking pictures and thank you for any advice you can give.

Best regards

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