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TEEMA: BBC- Pedigree Dogs Exposed
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...A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was shown to be in agony due to a condition known as syringomyelia, which occurs as a result of the skull being too small for the brain. Veterinary Neurologist Dr Claire Rusbridge described the brain as a "size 10 foot that's been shoved into a size 6 shoe" and estimated that up to 1/3 of the breed suffers from this problem...
Countering Bulldog breeders' claims that the breed's extreme traits, such as severe underbite and facial wrinkles, are for historical fighting purposes, historian David Hancock pointed out that "the way in which breeders try to justify the short face, the excessive wrinkling and the physique it now depicts as being traditional is just simply untrue." The programme stated that bulldog heads have become so large that the majority are unable to give birth naturally and puppies must be whelped by caesarian section..
The Basset Hound was called a "deformed, congenital dwarf."
Deliberate inbreeding, including mother-to-son, father-to-daughter and brother-to-sister matings was said to result in serious genetic disease being perpetuated in many breeds.
Sick champions
The programme showed examples of individuals with serious inherited diseases being crowned show champions...........................
Niipalju siis Kennelite "heast tööst" koerte heaolu nimel...Aretavad pildile vastavaid haigeid, mitte normaalselt liikuvaid, hingavaid, ega poegivaid olevusi!!
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